About Alex

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs and organisations use public speaking to raise finance, build brands and lobby governments, creating globally recognised industry leaders along the way.
My speaking philosophy is simple; land, write and deliver a talk once, then put it online for the world to see. Public speaking isn’t about speaking on every stage possible. It’s about using the recording your talk as a piece of thought leadership and putting it infront of the people that need to see it.

History has proved that speeches can create global change and start movements, but nowadays it is how you use your talk that will determine it’s success and to do that, the talk has to appeal to both the live and the online audience

How it all started...

I’ve seen first hand the impact that public speaking can have across all areas of your life. I spent 7 years co-running a small start-up in London that grew from 4-250 people, raising over £12.5 million during that time. How? We spent 18 months, living in the back of a peugeot 307 (it was very glamorous), travelling across the UK speaking 5 days a week.

While we achieved phenomenal growth during that time, in hindsight, it was expensive, time-consuming and a real hassle to organise. Ironically, had we founded that company today, I have no doubt that we could have doubled what we achieved without even leaving the office. That is whay I set up this business.

During that time I also founded TEDxClapham (an offshoot of the world famous TED talks). The goal of the event, which runs annually is to provide people with a platform to affect global change.

My VIP client list includes business leaders, scholars, authors, coaches and a world champion boxer

When I’m not doing that…

You can find me enjoying life in the greatest city in the world, on the tennis court or travelling across the world making memories!