Public Speaking Accelerator 2018: Land, Write, Deliver and Scale your Game-Changing Talk

11th September - 2nd December 2018 Places are very competitive, enrol now to avoid disappointment. £1997

I went into this intending to just 'get better' at public speaking, but I've come out with with far more than that; not least, the headline spot at TEDxCamden. Frankly, Alex is remarkably intelligent, both brutal and constructive and made me rewrite my talk so many times I almost gave up. Yet he spent tons of time helping me refine it and it's now something I'm really proud of. On top of that, I've learned presentation skills, body language, timing, and how to connect with an audience. Everyone in the cohort gives feedback to one another too, which has been really valuable.

The course moves at a fast pace and Alex pushes you hard, however I can honestly say that it's been one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences I've had professionally by a considerable distance.

Daniel Murray, Founder, Grabble

The Modules 12 live webinars, 6 keynote calls and 3 months of private mentoring provide the perfect pathway for you to land, write and deliver a talk that can take your business, brand or cause global.

Develop Your Valuable Idea

Land a Speaking Gig

Write Your Talk

Expand Your Influence

Nail Your Delivery

Scale Your Talk

Over the last few years, I have given speeches at numerous events across the U.K, so when I sent the draft of my TEDx talk to Alex, I was confident I was onto something good. And it would have been, had I been anywhere but TEDx, but TEDx demands a different type of talk with a very unique structure. The feedback I got from Alex fundamentally changed the way I approached my talk. He challenged me to be vulnerable and leave everything on the stage; which I did. The feedback and messages from people who have benefited from it are testament to that.  

Aimee Bateman, CEO, Careercake

New for 2018: Have your very own MicDrop Moment! At the end of the course, you can come to London to perform your talk in front of a live audience and professional camera crew who will film and edit your talk so that you can use it as a thought leadership showpiece online.

Perform your talk

Get your talk professionally filmed

Celebrate with your classmates

'Prior to signing up, I didn’t even know who Alex was! I found out about course through a friend and at the time, I just wanted to meet like-minded people and improve my public speaking. Six weeks in, I was asked to speak at TEDxEastEnd. What has happened is testament to the quality of the training and the private mentoring I’ve had throughout with Alex. I’m 22 years old, I didn’t go to university, don’t own a start-up or do anything impressive – all I have is a story and a subject I’m passionate about.’  

Tom Boon, Events and Marketing Co-ordinator, Raleigh International

Document your progress, submit assignments, brainstorm and support the team in the secret course group on Facebook

If that wasn't enough you'll also get...

12 hours of live calls

Lifetime course access

AND weekly opportunities to have 121 time with Alex


'So it seems like you taught me well and that I have got the hang of this speaking thing, I got a bloody standing ovation yesterday! Apparently it was the first standing ovation they’ve ever had! Just wanted to say thank you because I wouldn’t have got there if you hadn’t coached me.' 

Whitney Iles, CEO, Project 507

Introducing the Modules...

History has proven time and time again that speeches have the power to change the world, so in this module, I will show you exactly how to uncover a idea that has the potential to have a global impact.  

✅ Discover the Speaker's Paradox ✅ Choose your expertise ✅ Find your audience ✅ Shape your legacy ✅ Decide your idea

Now it's time to find you a stage! In this module, I share the blueprint that helps people land speaking engagements across the world, from networking events through to industry leading conferences.  

✅ Learn how to speak smart, not hard ✅ Find paid speaking opportunities ✅ Shortlist the right events ✅ Pitch your talk ✅ Build a speaking portfolio

Speech writing can be a pain, especially when you want your talk to pack a punch! The good news is that it doesn't have to be and this module will change the way you craft your talks forever.  

✅ Strengthen the throughline ✅ Create a journey of discovery ✅ Structure your narrative ✅ Add depth with the Speech Writer's Toolkit ✅ Break your rules 

If you want to have an impact you've got to be able to communicate off the stage as well as you can on it. It's time to compliment your talk with some other forms of thought-leadership.

✅ Feature in a podcast-style interview with Alex ✅ Storytell with charisma ✅ Learn how to 'Ad lib' with confidence ✅ Master the art of video blogging ✅ Stretch your content

The human voice is the most powerful instrument in the world, if you know how to play it. An incredible talk script will never be more than that unless you learn how to captivate your audience.

✅ Debunk communication science myths ✅ Conquer pre-speech nerves ✅ Increase your stage presence ✅ Deliver with conviction ✅ Command audiences of 10-1500 people 

When your talk goes online for the world to see, you need to have an amplification strategy in place so that it gets seen by the right people. This is where your talk can create a new world of opportunity.

Discover the virality matrix ✅ Get your first 10,000 views ✅ Leverage off influencers ✅ Get press coverage ✅ Establish yourself as a thought-leader


How much does the course cost? £1997  

Who is this course for? Most of the people that take this course are founders that want to use a piece of thought-leadership to get their business, brand or cause noticed.  

The goal is simple: land, write and deliver one talk. Film it, upload it online and put it in front of the people that need to see it.  

In the past, people have used these talks to build brands, raise finance, increase sales, start movements, lobby governments and transform businesses, creating globally recognised industry leaders along the way.  

Why will it work? Because when given a choice, most people would rather churn out blog posts, tweets and random videos than stand on stage and deliver a talk. They adopt a splatter gun approach to their online marketing, clinging onto the hope that one day, something might go viral and give them the global exposure that they crave. It’s expensive, time-consuming and a gamble. When you’re standing on stage there is nowhere to hide and if you can provide the kind of value that attracts both industry experts and the wider world, that one piece of media will create life-changing opportunities for you and your business, brand or cause.  

If you can deliver a talk that both adds value to other industry experts and gives everyone a unique chance to step into your world for a few minutes, you are creating a piece of content that will separate you from one else.  

Surely I could do that myself?! Totally, and loads of people do. How many of the speakers do you remember from the last conference you went to? The thing is, most talks end up being a complete waste of time for both the speaker and the audience. Why? Because most people will:  

1. Talk about themselves… and keep talking… bla bla bla. While this might serve as a much-needed therapy session, unless your story is exceptional, and I mean exceptional, save it for your friends and family! 2. Sell their company. There is nothing more off-putting, frustrating and awkward than an unwanted sales pitch. 3. Get too technical. And completely alienate the audience. Every business owner loses sight of people need to hear sometimes. When you’re doing something day in day out, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees.

The other thing is, most people forget that the live audience is secondary. Speaking in front of 200 people is nothing to the 10,000+ people that could see your talk when it goes online. Some of my speaker’s talks have been seen by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. The challenge with an online audience is making sure that you hold their attention because the chances are the social media platform they’ll be watching it on will have a lot of other distractions. That is why a carefully crafted talk is paramount.  

How much of a commitment is this course? This course has been designed specifically for busy people. Aside from our weekly 1 hour live call and delivering your final talk, if you stick to my method, 2 hours of time a week should be ample.  

When do the live webinars happen? Every Tuesday, 7pm London time, via Zoom call.  

What if I’m unable to attend one of the live calls? Don’t worry, all the webinars will be recorded, so if you can’t make every single one, you won’t miss out.  

Will there be an online community to interact on? Yes, all successful applicants will be part of a private Facebook group, curated by Alex. That way everyone can help to keep each other accountable and share each others success.  

What are the course dates? 11th September – 2nd December 2018.

And what if I don't like it? Don't worry, there is 7-day money back guarentee.