Roger Frampton

Fashion Model and Movement Coach

I came to Alex because my talk wasn’t ready for the TEDx stage. I wanted to use this talk to challenge the way people look after their bodies, but my message was getting lost. Initially, we worked on restructuring the content until the idea that was simple enough for anyone to understand, then we focused on making sure my talk was going to have a lasting impact on the audience, both on and offline.  When we were happy with the content, it was all about nailing the delivery so when the big day came, I was the most prepared speaker at the conference.  It’s only been out for a few months, but what has happened since has been incredible, I’m on track to having one of the top 100 most watched TEDx talks ever and I’ve gained numerous valuable connections from around the world.

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Aimee Bateman

CEO, Careercake.com

Over the last few years, I have given speeches at numerous events across the U.K, so when I sent the draft of my TEDx talk to Alex, I was confident I was onto something good. And it would have been, had I been anywhere but TEDx, but TEDx demands a different type of talk with a very unique structure. The feedback I got from Alex fundamentally changed the way I approached my talk. He challenged me to be vulnerable and leave everything on the stage; which I did. The feedback and messages from people who have benefited from it are testament to that.

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Brian Rose

CEO of London Real

I credit Alex with the massive success of my TEDx Talk because he was instrumental in helping me craft and articulate my message. Since then we have collaborated on several successful business products and training courses. If you are looking to accelerate your business growth through public speaking, Alex is the guy to do just that.

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Laura Penhaul

2 x World Record Holder, Coxless Crew and Team GB Paralympic Physio

Personally, I will always head to Alex for speaking advice. Turning my 4 year journey into an 18 minute talk with one idea was always going to be a challenge. Alex was great at picking out the right stories to share and he understands the audience’s viewpoint which helped me to deliver my message in an impactful and meaningful way. The thing that really stood out though, was that he really wanted me to succeed. His feedback not only helps you understand where you need to develop and how to do it, but he delivers it in a way that builds your confidence, which is so important when the pressure is on!

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Whitney Iles

CEO of Project 507

So it seems like you taught me well and that I have got the hang of this speaking thing, I got a bloody standing ovation yesterday. Apparently it was the first standing ovation they’ve ever had! Just wanted to say thank you because I wouldn’t have got there if you hadn’t coached me.

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