Public Speaking Accelerator programmes for Entrepreneurs, leadership teams and all-hands meetings.

My speaking philosophy

  • Speak smart, not hard. Gone are the days of the speaker circuit. Land, write and deliver one life-changing talk and let the internet do the hard work for you.
  • Content should always outshine delivery. If you want to deliver with conviction onstage, start with making sure what you say is worth hearing.
  • Deliver talks that matter. History has proven time and time again that a speech can change the world. To stand on stage and speak is a privilege so make it count.
  • Set out to educate and you will inspire.  The world doesn’t need any more ‘motivational’ speakers, give value and the rest will take care of itself.

Who is Alex?

Create your movement

Public speaking is about sharing meaningful ideas that drive movements. Want to become an industry leader? Stand in front of your peers and talk. Change the way your audience sees your world, show them how they can be part of it and you will create change. You get one chance on stage, I help you make it count.

Work with me

Don’t just take my word for it…

Jess Butcher, Co-Founder, Blippar

‘Alex is an incredible speaker coach and his Public Speaking Accelerator provided rigorous, hands-on insight into how to deliver a great speech. From choosing a theme, structuring, writing and refining content; all the way through to the stage.

It has given me critical tactical strategies for pursuing more public speaking – plus the all-important confidence I was probably lacking to put my head above the parapet on a subject matter I feel strongly about, but was somewhat reluctant to jump into. I’m ‘all in’ now.

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