A Valentine’s Day TED Talk: Who Said TED Can’t Get Dirty?!

Poverty, war, equality, climate change, disease, safety, life, sustainability, culture, art, technology, discoveries – just some of the topics that have helped TED become recognised as a global super power in a world where ideas are now a currency in their own right.

So how on earth did Author of ‘Bonk’ (😂), Mary Roach’s talk, ’10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms’ slip through the net?!

TED’s CEO, Chris Anderson, describes that an idea as something that changes the way we see the world and Mary Roach, to her credit she has certainly done that!

What I love most about this talk though is it is proof that speech content will always supersede delivery. Most public speaking coaches analysing this talk would draw attention to the fact the was using notes, constantly pacing, boring slides bla bla bla…. WHO CARES?!

If what you’re saying is of value – it doesn’t matter. If you’re looking to use public speaking to establish yourself as a leader in your field, it starts with your content.

Right, who wants to be educated about orgasms?!


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