How To Make Beautiful Speech Slides Quickly

When I was 7 years old, my parents were told that I had an ‘unusual lack of talent’ by my art teacher at a parents evening. Brutal feedback, but on reflection, fair.

So when it comes to creating visuals for presentations, I have never spent vast amounts of time on them because quite frankly, I’ve let Mrs Nesbitt down enough.

If I’m being completely honest, I used to create visuals for my benefit more than the audience’s – much easier to use as a prompter than cue cards right? Also, creating slides is a fantastic way to convince yourself that you are working on your speech when really, you haven’t yet worked out what you’re actually going to say!

Anyway, enough about my problems. If you want to lessen your own powerpoint woes and create simple but beautiful slides, read on.

Here are my top tips for super simple time-saving slides:

  1. Don’t bother. Like seriously, don’t create slides for the sake of it. Ask yourself this question: What can pictures say that I can’t? If the answer is nothing, you have my permission to sack the slides off altogether (you’re welcome).
  2. Black background.  Much easier on the eye and gives the appearance that the screen is off if you don’t have any visual content to show.
  3. Picture. Make it a metaphor for the point your covering. Make it take up the whole screen. Make sure it is high res.  Use for stock images.
  4. Words. 1 line max. Put them in a black text box that is at 70% opacity.  Resist the urge to say the words on the screen. (See below for an example).
  5. 1 point/slide. Otherwise, your audience will stop listening to you. Infographics – NO!

Caveat: Slide creation is for after you have written your talk.  That way, if the tech fails, you won’t!

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