February 9, 2017 Alex0

How to think like a toddler

This book was dropped through my letter box this morning, hot off the press from my friends at Penguin Books – so hot in fact that it’s not due to be released until April and I’ve been reliably informed that it’s set to be one of the best reads of 2017.

The reason I’m excited to get my hands on it though is because the title reminds me of a quote from one of my favourite ‘feel good’ TED talks. The speaker? A guy called Neil Pasricha, Director of The Institute for Global Happiness, Founder of 100 Awesome Things and  – yes, there really is such a thing!


‘I love hanging out with three year-olds. I love the way that they see the world, because they’re seeing the world for the first time.’

On the surface of it, there’s nothing ground breaking there so why have I always remembered it? Two reasons:

  1. It brings something that we already know but never think about (i.e. in our sub-conscious) into the forefront of our minds (I.e. into our conscious) so that we no longer take it for granted.
  2. It challenges a notion that is deeply ingrained within us all – that we can only learn from those with more experience than us.

No doubt Paul Lindley would agree and given that he is the Founder of Ella’s Kitchen (one of the UK’s leading toddler brands) I’m sure there are some cracking takeaways. Rumour has it that Paul is also a fantastic speaker so I’m looking forward to seeing him in action later this year. From a speaking perspective, the real test for him will not be the quality of his delivery, but choosing the right piece of content to share on stage – I have seen world class authors both rise and fall at this final hurdle.

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