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Public Speaking Accelerator Programmes

Coaching programmes designed to help leaders create and deliver world class presentations at internal conferences and industry events.

"One of the most rewarding and valuable experiences I've had professionally by a considerable distance."

Dan Murray, Founder, Secret Leaders

Find out more about Public Speaking Accelerators for:

Thought Leadership Teams

Get your team ready to create and deliver 'TED style' presentations at major industry events.

Executive Teams

Prepare your teams for event specific presentations like all-hands meetings, AGM's and investor roadshows.


Create and deliver a 'TED style' talk that can be used as a showpiece for your business.

Workshops and Training Days

Interactive live events designed to inspire teams, push boundaries and change habits for good.

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"His workshops always rises to the occasion, regardless of the brief."

Alex Depledge MBE, CEO, RESI

Topics include:

Building Confidence

Overcome stage fright and learn how to speak
from the heart.


Learn how to discover, craft and tell
powerful stories.

Speech Writing

Uncover the secret structure to world-class speeches and presentations.

Communication Science

Debunk the myths and learn the secrets to become an effective communicator on stage.


Build and deliver compelling arguments that
can motivate and inspire.

Developing Stage Presence

From meeting rooms to auditoriums - master the art of public speaking in any situation.

Thought Leadership

Learn how to sell an idea on stage and communicate like a visionary.

Performing Under Pressure

Learn high performance rituals that will prepare you for the moments that matter.

Public Speaking Strategy

Learn how to use public speaking as a tool to
share a global message.

Individual Coaching

Tailored coaching programmes to help individuals create and deliver big stage presentations at conferences around the world.

"Alex’s public speaking bootcamp has transformed my confidence on stage - I’ve smashed every speaking engagement since!"

Claire Palmer, Senior Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank

Find out more about his tailored coaching programmes:

Speech Writing Bootcamp

Need help creating a speech for an upcoming presentation?

Speech Delivery Bootcamp

Make your talk the one that your audience will never forget!

Thought Leadership Bootcamp

Create and deliver a speech that will position you as a leader in your industry.